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 Commonwealth Emergency Crisis Response (CECR) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to be an elite emergency service agency that employs EMS providers with extensive training and experience in mental health crisis intervention and suicide prevention, enabling safer and more effective patient care to individuals who are suffering from a mental health emergency. Our team collaborates and co-responds when appropriate with local law enforcement and mental health organizations to establish a more comprehensive approach to pre-hospital mental healthcare. CECR also offers mental health education for public safety agencies and their staff to extend the reach of quality care.

     The CECR team is comprised entirely of driven and passionate volunteers, and we provide our services at no cost to our clients and patients. Our staff are provided with advanced mental health and crisis intervention training to ensure that we provide the most effective care possible. We rely on support from our communities to enable us to purchase needed equipment, provide advanced training for our staff, and ensure that required operational expenditures are made.

     This year, CECR has launched an expansion project. The primary purpose of this initiative is to dedicate a provider and vehicle to Lancaster City and surrounding urban communities to significantly reduce response times to these areas, and to reduce the strain on our other resources throughout the county so that our patients continuously receive compassionate and uninterrupted care.

     To make this initiative a reality, CECR needs to raise $110,000. We humbly ask for the support of our communities by making tax-deductible contributions to this fundraising campaign. This project is a major step toward significant improvement in the care and outcomes of our fellow community members who are suffering from a mental health illness or challenge.

Click the button below to make a tax-deductible contribution to our expansion project fundraiser. Checks are also accepted, and can be made out to “Commonwealth Emergency Crisis Response” and mailed to:

Commonwealth Emergency Crisis Response

91 Newport Road Suite 205

Gap, PA 17527

Expansion Project: About Us
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