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Our dedicated staff are the heart of our organization. We strive to create a work environment and culture that is positive, diverse, and that encourages personal growth.

We are always seeking passionate individuals to join our team to help shape the future of CECR and provide critical resources to our communities! View and apply to our current job opportunities below!


Our EMTs are the backbone of our organization. Job responsibilities for our EMTs include:

  • Responding to calls for service and rendering EMS care within the Pennsylvania EMT-B scope of practice.

  • Providing appropriate and compassionate care to individuals suffering from mental health challenges.

  • Coordinating and working with other CECR units, EMS agencies, and law enforcement personnel.

  • Communicating with the CECR Communications Center to ensure provider and patient safety, and operational efficiency.

  • Completion of thorough electronic patient care reports for all patient interactions.

  • Working event standbys at contracted sites and providing EMS care as needed.

  • Conducting EMS operations on and/or around trains and railroads.

  • Attending mandatory CECR trainings.

All equipment, uniforms, and training are provided to CECR staff at no cost!


 Communications Specialists are integral to efficient field operations. Job responsibilities include:

  • Answering phone calls from the public and allocating/dispatching appropriate CECR resources.

  • Maintaining radio communication with CECR field staff and providing field staff with new or updated incident information.

  • Coordination with Public Safety Access Points (PSAPs) to dispatch other EMS, law enforcement, and fire department resources as appropriate.

  • Maintaining a calm, level tone when handling stressful calls/incidents.

  • Routing non-emergent phone call requests to appropriate CECR staff.


Our Canine Handlers support other CECR operations, and conduct community outreach with their dogs. Canine Handler job responsibilities include:

  • Participate in the canine selection process.

  • Care for/support their assigned dog on and off duty.

  • Attend community engagement events and activities.

  • Be cross trained in at least one other CECR discipline (Communications Specialist or EMT)

  • Provide support to other CECR operations as needed.

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